For a start, homeowner s should know that there are two basic par ts of a garage door , the main door and its opener . So in this article, we will tackle the basic steps on how to do an overhead garage door repair.

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Basic Garage Door Repair at Home

Homeowner s should know that overhead garage doors functions through a tensioner on its spring. Be aware that Springs have a lot of tension on them and could be dangerous if not handled correctly. So if these par ts don’t work, homeowners should know what to do for basic repairs. Here are some ways to help in doing garage door repair:

  1. Try to check on the mounting brackets in the garage wall and see if they hold the metal tracks well. Usually, they tend to get loose over time so tighten the screws or bolts if they are loose. It is best to do these checkups inside the garage with its door closed. You can look at the tracks for any damages like crimps, dents or any flat spots. You can straighten out dented spots with the use of a rubber mallet together with a block of wood. But if you think that the metal tracks are really damaged, consider replacing it with the help of a professional.
  2. See to it that the metal tracks are all aligned. Tracks which are on horizontal position should bent down a bit facing the back part of the garage. The two tracks on each side should be of the same stature on the walls. But if the metal tracks are not well aligned, do not attempt to remove the bolts or screws but you can loosed them and bring them back into their original position. Carefully check both tracks to ensure they are in correct position so you can tighten the bolts in the mounting brackets after.
  3. Use a strong cleaner or solution in removing dirt and tough greases that can be found in the tracks over time. Include the rollers in cleaning and wipe up tracks and rollers to dry.
  4. Ensure that all other parts are all screwed tightly as well like the swing-up doors and roll-up doors. Make sure that the hinges and screws that hold the door don’t have any loose screws and if there are any, you can have them replaced immediately. You may encounter sagging which is usual. You can repair this by checking on the hinges and tightening its screws well. When you see a screw hole that is enlarged, you can repair this by changing the screw with another having the same diameter but a longer one and with the use of a fiber plug being dipped in glue. You can also repair cracked woods near a hinge by removing the hinge and filling the cracks with wood fillers. Have the filler dry up so you can then change the hinge. You can remedy this damage by placing hinge in a solid wood.

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