One of the products/services offered by Can-Ada Door is garage door springs replacement. Therefore, it is important to teach client not just what to avail, but in the future how to repair and replace it.

There are step-by-step instructions on how to replace garage door springs. It is definitely simplified that you can do-it-yourself. This is particularly for homeowners, maintenance repair men who use to service their small industrial or commercial sectional-overhead doors.

Please take note that the directions we’ll be given you are more designed for torsion springs rather than EZ or the standard one. Generally, what you need is directions on how to replace a single torsion spring. You can also consider replacement of garage doors extension springs and for replacement of Wayne Dalton Torquemaster spring(s).

In any type of repair or replacement, Safety must always be your priority. So you also have to consider all the precautionary , measures. Remember again that replacing a garage door torsion spring is relatively dangerous. Why? It is because the garage door springs are always under tension. If you will not be able to use the accurate tools & follow safe steps, you might lose your hands, your limbs or even your life!

For a more perfect replacement, please make sure that cables and cable drums are in order. You have to be familiarized of its different important parts. What is drum anyway? It is the next part after the end of the springs. It is the cast aluminum alloy which is 4″ in diameter and having 12.6″ in circumference. And then, beyond the cable drum there you can find the end-bearing plate. There is cable that unwraps off the back of the cable drum.

For replacement, you have consider the existing system. Is it duplex system? The one that has two relatively large springs, with one on every half of the garage doors. Is it triplex system? The one that works almost the same as first system. Or is it a combination of duplex and triplex system for multiple springs? It needs to be clarified before you finally undergo replacement of garage door springs.

Please also take note that if your garage spring assembly is totally different from this, parts of the instructions may pose danger so beware. Some inaccurate instructions could cost you a lot of money and of course time! As much as possible, when it comes to garage door spring replacement, go for the standard instructions!

Generally, there are 2 important things that will help you do the replacement safely. First, you have to consider that the spring will break as you wind or unwind them. To avoid any hassle, you have to clutch the bar steadfastly at the end. Do not forget also to keep safety clothes and to wear safety glass. Second, consider that the cone explode as you wind or unwind the spring. Better be ready than be sorry in the end. Remember, that it is not just a matter of replacement, of beauty but safety.