When we avail of different types of garage doors, may it be wood garage doors or carriage garage doors, and we will surely need garage door springs. What’s its importance anyway? Well, it plays major counter-balance role to the weight of the door. This will make the door easier to open and to close. Garage door spring bear the same purpose of counterweights that used to balance doors even in centuries past! As of this modern date, it works for many doors in all parts of the globe.

Let us show you now how it works. Consider that you have a garage door weighing 100 lbs, a garage door spring force of 100 lbs is also needed to pull contrary to the weight of the door. This can be done with torque or stretch that aids to balance the door.

  • Garage Door Torsion Spring – A garage door torsion spring is definitely secured to a metal shaft just above the garage door(s). It depends on the existing system. How it works is that, the shaft will pass thru the mid of the springs. In the event that the shaft will pass thru the middle of the spring, it will be mounted either in the middle of the shafts or at the end of the shaft. It has three (3) characteristics that will determine the life cycle: the wire size, the inside diameterand the length. These properties characterize the cycle life. It determines how many times or how long that the garage door must be open & close before it finally breaks.
  • Standard torsion spring – is one of the most ordinary residential torsion springs available in the garage doors industry nowadays. This kind of garage door spring usually uses two types. Please take note that if you have a light garage door, the spring hast to be mounted at the middle of the shaft, at the upper part of the garage door.
  • EZ-Set torsion spring – This kind of garage door spring is almost the same as standard torsion spring. The very thin distinction is on the type of hardware. The door installer is use to mount EZ-set garage spring, with 1” diameter to winder at theend-of-the shaft.

Different Types of Garage Door Springs

  • Duplex system – It appears to have 2 relatively very large springs, having one on every half of the garage door(s). What you can see inside of the torsion spring, you will be surprised, it has another spring w/c is quite smaller in diameter.
  • Triplex system – This type of garage door spring works almost the same as the duplex system. The only difference is that, there are two (2) springs that you can be found inside the outer springs.
  • Mixed system – Obviously, from the word itself, you can guess that it is a combination of Duplex System and Triplex System. Some people prefer to have it if the garage door’s shaft is longer long enough to be able to accommodate multiple springs.