A personalized installation of a garage door is a fulfilling job at one’s own freedom. But first, there are specific guidelines to follow before doing the setting up as it is. To do a successful self-effort job, consider the following guidelines below on how to install a garage door.

Dispose the previous installed door. There may be directions on the maker’s manual on the removal. It can be taking away the previous door on the puller. Afterwards, remove the panels and the tracks.

Choose an opener for the garage entrance. Lots of these are sold through online stores and just pick the proposed design that will both coordinate the aspired theme.

how to install a garage door


How to Install a Garage Door – Determine the Measurement

Determine the measurement of Hinges and gather the tracks. Before starting out the attachment, determine the size of the areas for installation. Know the width and height of the door entrance, the topmost part up to the ceiling and the back room. Into the sides of the door-opening, append the stops and a weather-stripping. Also, do not forget the hinges to the door’s peak while elating the handles and the panel. The tracks should be in accordance with the manual if there are diverse bits.

Place the bottom piece. Put in the bottom piece into a proper arrangement through inside the frame. Push through the nails whether to twist or in an inclined posture for locking it into its area. Follow the tutoring in the guidebook on different shapes of pieces.

Set up the panels on residual bits. After having the first panel, manage to fix the next panel at the top after the former. Connect hinges and have it done again depending on the number of panels appropriated.  Affix these into a jamb of the door.

Put in the rollers. After securing wholly the parts, put in the rollers to the supports. Then, the positioning of the rollers should be intact in the track while moving in a way to make safe the brackets along the set up. Do not over press the rollers rigidly with that track since it may scratch the surface of the door. Together with a partner raise a section and let the rollers glide through upright at the areas of the door.

Put together springs and tracks as protected. After securing the straight up tracks, fix the horizontal portions. The installation of these horizontal parts should be based on the preceding measures so that these tracks will be set up as straight and positioning apart which is at least 90 degrees with the aperture. After which get into the springs and haul up the door so that all tracks are maintained on a leveled height. Then, connect springs in the pulley coordination.

Make sure to hire a Pro on a garage door fixing when not equipped. To have a well-organized garage door, have a time to call in professionals on Can-Ada Door for a safer dealing with the set-up. The transformation from a simple to a distinctive door is a driving force of the service provided.


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