Garage is already a basic part of the house which means, it also needs basic attention from the homeowner. Just like any other parts of the house like the dining room or living room, it also needs repairs after a long while.  There are parts which may seem simple to repair for the homeowner like the hinges or rollers. One just need to head to a garage door store to replace these parts. From the small parts up to the heavy door, one needs to know if these parts are working properly so you know when to seek help.

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Garage Door Spring

The springs serve as the main force of your overhead garage door. Just like any other things, these springs may break in the long run which may cause difficulty in lifting the door. So you need to have it checked from time to time to make sure that it is working properly and if not, you have it replaced immediately from any garage door store.

Garage Door Rollers

Probably the easiest to replace but still needs attention. Door rollers of a garage are responsible in moving your garage door up and down the track. They may seize moving or break up so lubrication may be a solution. But if they don’t still work after lubrication, just have it replaced right away to keep your garage door working.

Garage Door Hinges

The hinges of your garage door are the ones responsible for the door panels to move separately. On either side of the door, there are casing for the rollers being built so you need to check on both of them to make certain that your garage door still opens and closes smoothly. Just like other small parts of your garage door, hinges may break, rust or seize to move. They are also easily repaired and is cheaper to replace so you need not fret if something happens to the hinges. Just see to it that they are replaced immediately so no further issues will be met in doing garage door repair.

Door Opener Issues

Having a garage door opener makes it easier for you to open and close your garage door. Like any other electronic device, you just need to press a button and the garage door automatically opens and closes. But it still comprises of the small moving parts like hinges, rollers, and springs.

It may make things simple but a garage door opener is among the things that make your overhead garage door not working when bombarded with issues. But don’t worry immediately if something happens to your garage door. Check first for the smaller parts and see if they are responsible for the issue encountered and not the door opener itself.

These are some of the basic parts of an overhead garage door that needs to be checked from time to time to assure the homeowner that the garage door is still working properly or if it needs immediate repair.

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