A typical height on a garage door is about a standard of seven or at about 8 feet. There can be doors which are shorter or maybe higher. A conventional way on designs in old homes is to have a short height of doors while new homes usually have taller ones since the environment has evolved to larger cars.

5 Common Standard Garage Door Sizes

standard garage door sizes

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Older homes may have an eight-foot wide when taking on a single door. But, it becomes more prevalent nowadays to have a ten-foot wide for a single door taking into consideration larger vehicles. Almost certainly, it can be wide from eight to nine feet. However, double doors can be about twice the width of single garage doors. These can be a width from 16 to 18 and will approximately up to 20 feet.

As for single garage doors, these may usually have an 8×7 to almost 10×7 in feet. Homes with a larger vehicle and a number of small trucks can fit on this. Although a single garage door can’t ideally make use of it as storage of larger items. A bigger dimension of the door is an exact preference for a huge storage of things.  It is very essential to make certain of the capacity beforehand on the size and vehicles to put in the upcoming points in time.

A double garage door typically has a size of concerning 12×7, 14×7 to 16×7 feet. These doors are with garages which can have larger storage for cars. These garage doors are appropriate for homes with numerous large vehicles to organize. These sizes are usually proposed by producers. Keep in thoughts the dimensions and how huge the vehicles and material items in the garage to encompass an ample amount of space.

A commercial garage door can have a standard measurement of about 24 feet by an inch in height to 32 feet by two inches in width. But, commercial trade can have a bigger size since it actually depends on the trucks owned by the company. A bigger measurement is probably best for owning huge trucks to provide greater space. Also, provide a break in the cars on movements in and out should also be part of the fitting.

Lastly, a recreational vehicle garage door will need a height of ceiling with about nine feet and width of 16 by 8 feet tall. Make a suitable architectural design for a garage in having fitted the RV and other things to store with.

With the continual innovations from a smaller garage on an old home to new homes with spacious area, average garage doors are also advancing. Since it is becoming more regular to own not just one, but a lot of cars in a home, larger garage is widespread, but will always depend on the owner’s preference of storage for the garage.

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